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The city is full of perfect places unoccupied during most part of the day. Places that are equipped with everything you need to work and ready to book at The Nomadapp. 

The Nomadapp

Join the most predominant nomad community for free!

Flexible spaces aimed at all those who need a place to telework. Join the community of digital nomads and enjoy the advantages offered by The Nomadapp platform.

If your lifestyle requires you to find spaces to be able to work remotely and you like to get involved with other people who have the same vision, we leave you the solution here. Find flexible workspaces by the hour. Book your workspace where you want and at the time you want. Download Flexible workspaces”, Try our app!

Put your spaces to work with a single click. If you want to attract new customers to your business and make your spaces profitable so that they are occupied during off-peak hours, we can also help you. Download Put your spaces to work” Try our app!



We know that committing to monthly memberships may not be for you. That’s why we also have spaces for hours.

Book your space with your phone and pay just for the time that you use

Spaces Designed for Winners

Alone or with a partner, come and choose the best seat for you. Find everything from desks to armchairs for a good nap.

Do you want to make sure there is room for you? Book in advance!

Geo Map

Do you need an office to meet nearby Malasaña neighbourhood? Search on the geolocated map for the nearest places and book it!

Choose your filters, explore and book with just one click.

services and facilities

High Wi-Fi quality, Tv, adapters, armchairs, rest spaces, today’s menu, friendly team, and music. What more could you want?

Spaces and offices where you can relax and work all day long.

The platform

How does it work?


Use the map to find a location and explore all office and workspaces offers.


Enter your data or log in from Google and ...
You are ready to work!!


If you need just a few hours, pay for hours. If you need it a whole day, pay per day and if you are a work team, pay the monthly membership.


Using the app you also have the option to choose if you want to stay to eat or not. Even order food from your seat.
Total relax!

Redesign the way you work remotely with your Team


Every project born of an idea

As a digital nomad, I am used to working without a fixed office and traveling for work, I often end up in a bar or a restaurant working several hours between meetings and meetings, over time I have learned which are reliable and which are not recommended.

From this need, the idea arises, try to guarantee workspaces in coworking, cafeterias, and restaurants, that accomplish appropriate parameters for digital nomad with high mobility.

Creating a network with more than just places to work, but also to carry out unique spaces, new audiences that otherwise would not go. Expanding the offer to Coworking networks, private offices that offer meeting rooms and even innovative experiences, among others.

Supporting by smartable’s Technology, we will make a complete user experience, meanwhile, we will give to the host all metrics they need to know better their client.

José Abad


Cities and towns are full of places that don’t have people in certain periods of time. We are looking for a way to use the full potential of these stores by creating this platform.

We know that the future of the jobs will not be offices where everything is centralized in one place. That´s why we adapt to this new work style, making life easier for companies and digital nomads.

Elena Tur


As soon as they told me, I found it very interesting and practical, you never know when you will need a workplace for a meeting, while you are away from the office.

The best thing about Nomadapp is that it is quite flexible. You can work in a coworking, a cafeteria, a fancy restaurant with views (in valley hours where there are no people) or in an office near your hotel.

And all those places meet certain specifications: Secure Wifi Network, Real Description, and photos. What you see is what you will find. That is our value proposition

Candi Díaz-Marta


Mom, we appear in the news!

A part of the media already starts talking about us. 

And this is just the begin🙂

«NomadApp is the ‘Airbnb’ for digital nomads who need to find workspace for hours»

«Create an application for Nomads and Freelancer of the future and the present: Nomadapp»

«The App that will make a revolution of Madrid and the coworking world.»
“One app to provide all needs for digital nomads”


The new labor revolution comes from the hand of those professionals who have reached adapt their jobs to their own personal circumstances and lifestyle. 

Join to the digital nomad community in Slack.


If something of this got your attention, you have any suggestions to help us improve or you want to collaborate with the platform, this space is for you.

Send us an email to yonomad@yonomad.app

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