Why become a host on nomadapp?

Grow your customer community and give the welcome to hundreds of digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or any person that needs a seat to work by making a space for them. We will connect you to those that are looking for a workspace, a perfect space where they can seat with the laptops, and have a meeting or just work for a couple of hours. Those that will make the basis of your business.


We have your back!

No matter the type of space you have. Even if you are a Cafeteria, Restaurant, Hotel or Coworking. Offering your space to nomads is simple and safe. You will have total control on prices, availability, rules of the house, and the way that you and your team interact with the customers.

Put your spaces to work!

“Your business should work as hard as you do”

Become a host in 3 simple STEPS

1. Log in :

Create your space from the host area. Create your username and password that you want to use.

2.List your space: 

On this step you can add your space, starting with the name of your space, placing a description, conditions, and uploading the best quality photos you have. Remember there will be a series of requirement that you need to have in order to let the Nomads, feel at home. Take a Look!

3.Welcome your guest:

Choose the availability, price, and requirements that visitors must meet. Here you can also select the way you would like the Nomads to contact you, to answer any questions before making the reservation.


Control your books

On the app or your webspace, you will be able to control your booking calendar, so you don´t waste time talking to each of those who have booked. Propose time or space changes to your Nomads, will be part of more options inside, letting you the control to manage a special promotion to those days without too much influx.

Confirm a booking

Allowing them to get to know your space will allow you to get to know your future clients better and give them the option of deciding if your space will be their perfect area. Once they chose you as their best option, you can confirm their reservation through the platform or the app. Taking the chance to indicate to them your rule´s house, special offers, and your daily services.

Reaches new customers who embrace a Nomad Life Style

The nomadapp is an app designed to let you promote your shared workspace to a specific audience, from the moment you create your profile, your business will open up to a world of possibilities, new clients, new sources of income and total control of spaces to be used at any time.

This are only just a few benefits:

① Grow your income

The Nomadapp will let you maximize your list of spaces in your business, counting the available areas in a few simple steps. Monetize each seat in your space, create campaigns, promotions, suitable offers for your audience and get the most out of your opening hours.

② Grow your brand

Get the word of mouth advertising from your coworking space. The Nomadapp will appeal to all those walkers who are looking for a space to sit and allow them to fall in love with your space. We also help you by sharing a newsletter and upcoming events of your space through our social medias platforms.

③ What you share. When you share.

The Nomadapp will always give you the power to decide which area of ​​your space will share and for how long. Choose from sharing desks, a conference room, or an entire office. Choose a few minimum terms to offer scheduling flexibility to book by hour, day, or month.

Time control, start gettin income in your empty hours.

Increase your audience, remember that we are constantly changing.. 

Choose the moment to create offers and forget about the decreases time in your calendar.


Those are some of the most frequently asked questions

The platform is still in embryo mode, in other words, we are just designing and programming it in order to offer you the best usability and attractive design.

But if you want to be part of our testing team, contact us. When the project comes out you will have a reward.

Registration is free, however we give you the option of hiring certain extras for your establishment to be able to function in the best possible way such as secure Wifi and real-time statistics.

The price? € 20 per month for wifi maintenance and € 170 euros the first month, for the installation of mini-routers and personalized landing.

The community

You can send personalized promotions to all the nomads registered in our slack community. We are already more than 200,000 around the world.

Have the place full at the times that suit you best and take advantage of all the Wi-Fi marketing tools that we put at your disposal.

Put your workspaces in a single click. If you want to attract new customers to your business and make your spaces profitable so that they are busy during off-peak hours, we can also help you. Download “Put your spaces to work” Try our app!


If you still have questions to join the community spaces, fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Send us an email to yonomad@yonomad.app

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